Satisfactory | How to upload your own savegame

Uploading your own savegame is really easy! First you have to open the path where the savegame is stored.

  1. - Press the Windows key + R and copy this path into the window. This will open the games folder: %LOCALAPPDATA%\FactoryGame\Saved\SaveGames\
  2. - Here you will find your game saves, which you can rename as you wish.
  3. - Stop your server.
  4. - Now connect to your server via FTP or File Manager (Both available via Game Panel) and navigate to the following directory: FactoryGames/Saves/SaveGames/common
  5. - Upload your savegames here.
  6. - Open the basic settings of the server. Here you can select the uploaded savegame, save it and start the server.
  7. - Have fun playing ...

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