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This article explain how to connect Discord bot which has the ability to connect to the Game Panel and control your server straight from Discord.


Step 1:

- In order to connect your service to discord, you'll need to invite the bot to your discord server.
To do this, simply click Here

- Select the server you want the bot to be integrated to

Step 2:

- Once the process is completed, the bot should now be in your discord.
- In a private channel, type ;login and the bot will DM you. Follow the prompts given by the bot.

Step 3:

- Once logged in, go to a service on your game panel and press on [More].

- Within the tab, there should be an extra option that says 'Nexus Authentication', click it then copy the token generated

Step 4:

- Copy/Paste the generated token into the DM that you would have received from the bot. Once completed, head back to the channel that you initially typed ';login' in and select which service you'd like to link.

- Once completed, the service should be synchronized and linked.

Step 5:

- Head back to the #bot channel and type ;link in the chat field

- Type the number of your server shown in the Service Picker

- Now type ;service in order to show the options available to control your server

- With the options provided you are able to control your server by clicking on the tab icons (Ex. Start, Stop, Restart, Logs, Files, Rcon .. etc)

- Now you have access to control your server via discord which minimized the usage of the game panel plus a quick access.


Side Note:

Discord server control feature covers some of the options not all of them which means in some cases you need the game panel in order to control other features such as steam update, steam workshop and other.


Useful Commands:

In a private channel, you can run any of the following commands:

;service - shows the service interface (allows you to start, stop etc)

;players - see a list of players on the service

;link - link another service to discord

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